Welcome To The Greyhound Energy

Greyhound Energy is a leading provider of Oilfield Chemicals, Fishing & Remedial Services, Tubular Running Services, Filtration, and General Logistics services to the oil and gas industry in Ivory Coast and the sub-region. Our team of dedicated and knowledgeable personnel take a customer-tailored approach to each job, utilizing the most technologically advanced equipment to maximize production while minimizing costs for our clients. Greyhound Energy has established itself as an industry leader in providing unrivaled customer-focused products and services. We are a safety-conscious company that is committed to the sustainable development of our natural resources.

Spearheading Sustainable Energy Solutions

Greyhound Energy: Pioneering Progress in the Global Energy Shift! With unwavering values, extensive experience, and boundless creativity, we’re driving success in a changing world. Our three strategic pillars – Environmental Leadership, Safety Excellence, and Innovation for Energy Evolution – unite to power our journey towards a sustainable energy future.”

Environmental Leadership

At Greyhound Energy, environmental stewardship is at the core of our operations. We are dedicated to reducing our ecological footprint by implementing cutting-edge technologies to minimize emissions, conserving resources, and proactively addressing environmental challenges. We are committed to sustainable practices that protect the planet for future generations.

Safety Excellence

At Greyhound Energy, unwavering commitment to safety is fundamental. Upholding high standards ensures our team and communities thrive in a secure environment. This dedication extends to fostering workplace diversity, upholding labor rights, and actively engaging with the communities we serve, aiming to make a positive impact beyond our facilities.

Innovation for Energy Evolution

At Greyhound Energy, we believe that innovation is the cornerstone of a thriving and sustainable global energy ecosystem. Our relentless commitment to innovation drives us to actively shape the future of the energy landscape. Through cutting-edge research and development, we explore cleaner, sustainable energy solutions, and adapt to ever-changing market dynamics.

We Represent


We are authorized to promote BREDA's wide-ranging products within our designated region, covering subsea skids (SSIVs, PLEMs, PLETs), subsea valves (ball & gate), offshore wellheads for platforms, high-engineered topside ball and gate valves for high-pressure and high-temperature applications, HIPPS (high integrity pressure protection system), and WHCP (wellhead control panels).


We are an authorized agent with the privilege to market Spina's diverse product line, tailored for the Oil & Gas, mining, and Energy sectors. Our product range comprises cable trays, special cables, and explosion-proof materials and safety equipment.


We are the authorized local agent for Vanoil Completion Systems in our region, responsible for the sales of Gas Lift Mandrels, Gas Lift Valves, and Related Wireline Tools.